Monday, September 24, 2012

Preparing for Wine and Coffee Tasting

Adam cupping some of their coffees
As it is getting closer to our Wine & Coffee Tasting - International Congress Open House, we are tasting and cupping coffees at Deeper Roots Coffee (DRC) to ensure that you will get a great variety and experience. Thanks to DRC's suggestions and willingness to help, we've figured out our coffee tasting plan:

The Taste of Guatemala
La Armonia Hermosa - Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala
Slow Food Presidia Coffee - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

The Taste of Different Coffee Processing, Ethiopia
Amaro Gayo Washed, Ethiopia
Amaro Gayo Natural, Ethiopia

You might be wondering, "What does "washed" and "natural" mean?"

Washed - A process where the coffee cherry is de-pulped
and the beans are then washed before 
                they are sun-dried.
Natural - A process where the coffee cherry is sun-dried with the pulp still on the coffee beans.

We hope to see you at the tasting. It's going to be fun!

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