Friday, January 30, 2009

JaCeKa - Mediterraen Vegetable Couscous

Saddest thing... my dad and I decided to play chef about 2 months ago, and I wrote the recipe down, but now.... 2 months later, I lost the sheet and forget what was on it. It was DELICIOUS!!! Incredibly rich and just umm good. Here is a picture of it. I'll try to tell you what was in it, but it could be completely wrong, and I don't remember the amounts.

Diced eggplant
artichoke hearts
canned tomatoes
kalmata olives
olive oil
lemon juice
cayenne pepper
Parmesan cheese on top (this was VERY VERY STRONG cheese. I found out later that I'm allergic to it. It makes my geographic tongue act up. Sad because this was some incredible cheese.)

on top of garlic and pine nut couscous.

Man it was so good. I'll see if I can duplicate it.

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